Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The harder I work in my garden, the less I post…but never enough “thyme”, eh? Working full time leaves me only a half hour or so in the morning and a couple of hours in the evening if I’m up to it. I can’t even visit all my plant friends in that limited time frame—so the work is left for Saturday. For instance, last Saturday, I got into the garden at 7:00 AM and finally went in at 8:00 PM. That would be against the law for an employer to extract that sort of labor with no breaks, but in my garden I’m mesmerized, rejuvenated and relaxed, even as the sweat runs into my eyes and the twinges in my back remind me I’m "plenty-nine" years old. During the week I can spend a few Zen hours watering or plucking an errant plant here or there…those things some might call weeds. Here is what I learn when watering: it’s good to be fluid. Flow into the spaces that present themselves and refresh the life around you. Seems a good metaphor to live by. The picture is of my nieces Kaylee and Lizzie enjoying the fluid nature of the stream in my front yard.

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