Thursday, August 18, 2005

A little over halfway through August. Things seem to be dying right and left in my garden. This is partly because I went out of town for a week and left my dear hubby in charge of watering the few pots that aren't on the drip system. He neglected four of them. I came back to discover brown ratty twigs with clinging vegetation where once bloomed flowers. Oh well. This is life in a garden. No water, no life. To the right is a memorial shot of the plants in their prime. So long star zinnas, petunias and alyssum. Thanks for the memories. Sorry you had to go through slow dehydration. Not a way I'd like to die. But lest anyone think ill of DH, please know that he has many stellar qualities. He does most of the cooking around here and builds amazing structures for the garden. At right is a shot of him standing in the pond he dug by hand in 2001. It's a wonderful oasis now. I will focus on that and forgive the four dead pots.

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