Sunday, December 02, 2007

Dave and I went on a FANTASTIC vacation November 9 - 18. We went on a eastern Caribbean cruise. It was a gift to us last Christmas from the wonderful people I work for at Orbit Irrigation. We has so much fun and made so many memories. It took me nearly a year to get better from cancer go-round #2 to be well enough to go, but we made it.

We met Vern and Linda, John and Donna our excellent dinner companions, Betty from Maine who we helped into the ocean at Grand Turk, who called us her angels. We passed a lovely afternoon swimming with Betty in the Caribbean Sea and learning about Maine. Vern and Linda were from Cape Cod, and John and Donna were from the Chicago area. What fun to meet new people from all over.

We shopped (Dave bought me a blue diamond ring), won a kising contest at Margaritaville in Grand Turk, for which the prize was two free drinks. You should have seen the bar tender when we asked for virgins. He made us daquiris instead of margaritas. We ate LOTS of good food, but on a happy note, I only gained 3 ounces on the cruise. I don't know about Dave...I don't think he officialy weighed in or out.

Thanks so much to Orbit for giving us this experience. Now that we are fighting cancer go-round #3, and the doctors are saying the outlook is somewhere between six months and a year, I can't tell you have thankful I am that I was well enough to go, that we had the opportunity, and that we got to experience first hand an amazing part of the beauty of this world God created for us. When I see Him, I'm telling him THANK YOU, up close and personal.


Lawson Family said...

Hi Kim~

Thanks for commenting on my blog and telling me about yours!! This really is such a great way to keep in touch. The only other blog that I have that you didn't list was Scott's. I'll keep you posted if I hear about any others.



Emilie said...

What a fun trip!! I am so glad you felt well enough to go. I am NOT surprised in the least that a couple of Madsens won a kissing contest. Way to go!!!