Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A little while ago, Evie, Jacob, Chrissy and I went to Discovery Gateway to see the Sesame Street Presents the Body exhibit. This is Jacob trying to figure out why Oscar the Grouch won't come out of his trash can.

We are almost ready to open our show, Big River. I feel very good about where it is, both as an actress in the show and as a member of the production staff. We are ready. It will be a fine piece of theater, and I hope you all come and see it! The best part is, we survived the process!

Josh's set is really amazing, carved trees from huge blocks of foam. It feels like you're on a ride in Disneyland when you first sit down...all the detail and atmosphere. I continually amazed and impressed at his talents.

This would all be so enjoyable if I weren't in such stinkin' pain from the dang muscousitis (inflammation of all the mucous membranes in my body) caused by chemo. I keep popping IB800's and gargling with Magic Mouthwash trying to ignore it. It helps to be busy focusing on the show and not laying around thinking "ouch" all the time. I am very hungry though and eating is torture. Guess I'm on a new diet, after all.


JD said...

For a second there i was waiting for the correlation between working with me and the mucousitis and balancing which is actually worse.

I wish you could enjoy the fruits of your labors more...as well as the fruits of the vine...

Reed Merkley said...


We are looking forward to coming to Big River and enjoying your great work. Unfortunately we are scheduled on a Friday (3/7). Don't know whether we will be able to change nights to see you all.

You are amazing with your ability to continue to function even through all the "ouch's." Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers continuously.

Bishop Merkley

Bianca said...

Too cute! We went to that exhibit too...it was a lot of fun. Good luck with the show...I'm sure it will be wonderful!

Tess said...

Hi Kim! I don't know if you remember me (Terressa Hoskins ~ Deuel Creek Ward), but I remember you & Dave! My mom has introduced me to the joys of Rodgers Memorial Theatre! We saw the show (Big River)last night & it was amazing!! I loved it :) Anyway, you are in my thoughts & prayers. (Cancer has touched my life...my niece, Emily, fought Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia for over 3 years & after 2 bone marrow transplants, she passed away, at age 9, on Mother's Day 2004 in my sister's arms [her mommy]). You are amazing - after watching your wonderful performance last night, I would never have guessed that you were in pain. Wow! Keep up the fight!

Anonymous said...

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