Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Death

Russ Kimber passed away last Saturday. Russ was married to Sharon Mower Madsen, my father-in-law's second wife. Dad married Sharon in 1989 and they were happily married until he passed away in 2001. Several months later, Sharon married Russ--one of Dad's dearest friends. They have been happily married for six years. My heart goes out to Sharon...she has buried three husbands. That's too much grief. I dunno, though. I guess the love is worth the grief. Russ and Sharon lived in Grouse Creek, where they are supported and cared for by so many wonderful neighbors. I think Sharon will stay there for awhile. She loves the horses, the open spaces, the people. Sharon is an angel on earth and everyone in the Madsen/Kimber family has been privileged to have her as a "mother-in-love". Rest in peace, Russ. I'm betting you and Dad Madsen are having a few good laughs and games of golf in heaven.

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