Sunday, April 06, 2008

It's been one of those schizo weather weeks--one day warm enough for Dave to go golfing and Evie and I to swing out on the porch swing, the next day snow and sleet, lots of cool cloudy days in between. The best day was Friday, however, when my kind sister-in-law, Donna, and my good friend, Paula, organized 9 of my other friends into a work crew to tear through my yard and get it ready for spring.

We worked from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm, with a lunch break provided by Jenette, another dear friend. Pizza and salad on the patio, yummm. I really enjoyed it all--the camaraderie, the food, the pleasant spring weather, and best of all...getting my yard cleaned up and in shape for the growing season before I start chemo again on Tuesday. What can I say by my THANKS! I feel loved.

Had a lot of family coming and going for the weekend with conference and preparations for Tiffany's (my niece) wedding. It's less than a week away! And tonight another niece, Cecily, announced her engagement. She and Justin will wed on August 2nd. Kira, (another niece) and Cecily's sister will get married at the end of July. I think their brother, Seth, is in the mix too for this summer...somewhere in July as well, I believe...but I haven't been given a firm date yet on that one.

Whew, four weddings, two missionary farewells and two babies in the family this summer and fall. I hope I won't be adding "...and a funeral" to the mix!


Reed Merkley said...


Sounds like you have been enjoying family and have much in the plans. That is great. How much we appreciate your fun writing and fun character. I am also grateful for your way of saying it the way it is.

Wishing you the best as you go back into treatments on Tuesday.


Bishop Merkley

April said...

I hope the funeral won't be in the mix either. Thanks for coming to my party. You were probably exhausted with working in the yard. It was really so great to have you and my brothers there. I love you. Aber

Anonymous said...

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