Thursday, April 24, 2008

I've been "tagged" by Bianca. This one looked like an interesting one (I'm usually too lazy to do these.) So here are my answers:

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN TOGETHER? 32 years on September 5 2007...headed towards 33.
HOW LONG DID YOU DATE? 10 days before we got engaged. Met on a blind date. Scary, eh?
WHO EATS MORE? Of what? Dave eats more meat. I eat more ice cream.
WHO SAID "I LOVE YOU" FIRST? Do you think I can really remember after 32 years and chemo?
WHO IS TALLER? Dave. By five inches. And he's not tall. OK we are the short family.
WHO HAS MORE SPEEDING TICKETS? We're probably tied on this. Dave deserved more than he got...but ex-cops know people.
WHO IS SMARTER? Dave is smarter with numbers, Kim is smarter with words (okay punctuation.)
WHO IS MORE SENSITIVE? Lemme see...Dave is the one who used to have tizzies when his siblings would call him Davey-flower. Kim cries at TV commercials. Dave says he cries whenever a gnat farts. So there you go. We're both sensitive.
WHO DOES THE LAUNDRY? Kim. But she is teaching Dave how to sort clothes and use the washer. You never think you need this skill until you are facing the death of your wife and you realize you may never have clean underwear again.
WHO DOES THE DISHES? Whoever happens to get sick of dishes in the sink first. This isn't a big issue at our house. Someone is always doing them.
WHO IS MORE ROMANTIC? Kim likes watching romance movies more than Dave does, but what could be more romantic than rubbing your wife's nueropathy-ridden feet for hours on end each night? The definition of romance changes when you're dealing with cancer.
WHO SLEEPS ON THE RIGHT? Dave usually does, but it's the closer side to the bathroom, so when we are in post-surgery, Kim usually does.
WHO PAYS THE BILLS? Kim. This is another thing she's been showing Dave the ropes of...not that he doesn't know how to pay bills, but which ones are on auto-pay and how to pay them online with bill pay and how to save the receipts and file them...that was all Kim's system.
WHO MOWS THE LAWN? What lawn? We have no lawn. When we did have lawn it was usually Kim and then Josh when he got old enough but for 10 years know we've only had flower beds, paths, ponds and decks. Dave builds things, but if it's living in the yard, Kim cares for it. Come to think of it, I better teach Dave about that too...
WHO COOKS DINNER? Mostly Dave who is a better cook than Kim. We are in the make whatever whenever you're hungry phase of life mingled with a lot of eating out.
WHO IS MESSIER? After 32 years we're about the same in this regard. We're both pretty tidy. (Note to self: teach Dave to clean the bathroom.)
WHO DRIVES WHEN YOU ARE TOGETHER? Dave. Better question is "who drives the new car?" That would also be Dave. Not that I'm bitter or anything, or that I haven't repeatedly pointed out that I'll be dead soon and then he gets it all to himself, but noooo....
WHO IS MORE STUBBORN? Definitely Dave, which is why he is driving the new car.
WHO IS FUNNIER? Also Definitely Dave. I try to out macabre him by making comments about me dying, but he always gets me back.
WHO KISSED WHOM FIRST? Dave kissed Kim so long that she couldn't breathe because her nose was stuffy and she almost passed out. It was on our first date too.
WHO ASKED WHO OUT FIRST? Blind date on which Kim was threatened if she actually told Dave how old she was (16). She had just graduated from high school. By the end of the evening she finally fessed up and Dave left quickly. He vowed she was just too young, but he was back the next day and the next and 10 days later asked her father's permission to marry her.
WHO PROPOSED? Dave asked her parents and after they gave their permission, as Dave and Kim were leaving to go tell his family, Kim said "don't you think you ought to ask me if I want to marry you?" It was a total afterthought for Dave. He figured if he got past the Parent Gauntlet he was home free. He was right. His response to Kim was "oh, I guess I should. So do you want to marry me?" She said YES. They were married 3 months later. (She was 17 by two weeks at the time of the wedding.)

This is why I have to keep my mouth shut when discussion goes to "oh they are too young" or "they don't know each other well enough". It worked for us!


Elena Loo said...

I always love hearing your story. No matter how many times, it still makes me smile everytime. It gives me hope, and happiness.

Bianca said...

I'm so glad you did it! It was fun to read. I had never heard of your meeting/dating/getting married two must've been quite smitten :D

Elizabeth said...

Great post! I loved reading all those fun things...a lot of which I didn't already know. It was fun to have you at my parent's anniversary dinner. Hopefully now that we are moving closer we will get to see you guys more!