Thursday, June 05, 2008

I started a new chemo regime yesterday. The doctor said the Doxcil wasn't working (however, my CA-125 count came back down to 157, after it hit 177 last month). Now I am on Gemcitabine (say it gem-sight-a-bean). It can make me nauseous, have brittle and thinning hair, and cause my white and red blood cell counts to go haywire making me very prone to infection. It can also cause you to have flu like symptoms, aching and chills. It's been 24 hours since I got it. Yesterday I was pretty tired, but today I'm doing better. I cleaned my house, did my mom's hair for her, went to lunch with her at Chili's and worked in the garden this afternoon. The day started rainy and gloomy, but it's cleared up this afternoon. The water is wonderful for the garden, so I won't complain too much.

At Chili's the waitress told us our favorite dish Grilled Caribbean Salad is being taken off the menu in two weeks. I am so sad. It's one of the few things I crave often. Dave and I get it take out every couple of weeks and Mom and I split one whenever we go to lunch there. Sigh. The waitress says it's because it doesn't sell well in other areas but in Centerville it sells very well. Go figure. That's a chain for you...forcing everyone to conform to some average for the country. If you like the Grilled Caribbean Salad like we do, better go order some quick before it's gone forever! _

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Anonymous said...

Kim, I have the same problems with things I like at restaurants--they always go off the menu.

What a great article your son wrote to the Golf Channel and the Dereret News write-up was great. Do you get to go to Torrey Pines with him?

Love you, Shonnie