Tuesday, June 10, 2008

There's been a lot of buzz around our house since yesterday with the Golf Channel Essay contest. It's opened for voting. See the essay and video on-line by going to Father's Day Finalists and VOTE once a day!

You'll need to register to vote. They ask for your name, phone, address and email address. This is control the amount of votes one person can do a day. To make up for the inconvenience, they enter each person voting in a secondary contest for gift certificates, golf balls, etc. Hope you'll go vote for Josh--I really want to send him and his Dad to Scotland! You'll have to see the video to see me sink a 15 foot putt while wearing a church dress. You'll see it surprised us all!

One of the local papers, The Deseret News, ran a big article on Josh and Dave and the contest.
If you go to Dad's Life Lesson a Winner you can read the article, leave a comment and see an audio slide show.

Thanks to everyone for their love and support during this exciting opportunity! It's been fun, no matter what happens!

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Elizabeth said...

I really think that this is so cool! I go on and vote when I remember. I hope they win, that would be so great!