Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thoughts from the Deathbed:
By Kim Madsen

Dying is HARD work!!!
Its a lot like labor in giving birth; false starts and stops and lots of waiting around. I've been at it for 5 weeks now, unbelievable!!
I have had angels helping me along the way, both here on this earth, and from Heaven. I give my heart felt thanks to each and every one of them. I have much Love shown to me by friends and family who pour out deep compassion and help - by bringing meals, cleaning the house, and making it so all that Dave has to do is occasionally clean orafices.
We love you all, we truly do. Sometimes I need peace and quiet to move further into Heaven; I'm ready to go.

[This is Elena, I've been scribing for Kim. But probably need to help fill in the picture of what's going on. This is house is an amazing place, I wish that all could see it - but it's a little much to handle sometimes too. There are MANY angels here and we can feel the good peaceful spirits they bring. Dying is such an exhausting experience for Kim. She will try to sleep, she doesn't feel too much pain - thanks to the drugs, but they definitely wear her out. Kim goes though cycles of awake and alive time where she eats, visits, laughs and gives the best advise and loving counsel to those who need it (whether they like it or not :). Then she'll get tired and zone out - drifting in and out of Heavenly stages. Sometimes closer to Heaven, than Earth. During this time she will say some pretty funny things, that don't quite make sense to those of us not coming and going on the Heavenly Elevator. Lately - you know she's tired if she starts talking in robot talk. Example: "Video, Josh HELP" translates to Josh, what help do you need to make the video.

Kim loves to eat little bites of what delicious things people have brought by. She likes sour popsicles, peach Jamba's, and has had everyone searching for "Black Jack" gum. I think who ever finds it might win a prize. She wants the flavor of black licorice without having to suffer the stuff actually coming back up. Kim can only eat so much, because it will eventually just come back up, or be VERY painful coming out. But she craves flavor - hence the new fascination with gum.

So the family close by feels very luck to be able to stop by when Kim is awake, we know that there are many friends that want to come visit as well - but we say thank you for giving us this time and still being so willing to serve and love.

One of Kim's friends, Sandra, said it perfectly I think. She said, "Thank you for letting me be a part of this; it's a sacred experience."

Saying this though - Kim really is ready to go. She has said all her good byes and is very much at peace... but she is just waiting on the Lord's time now for Him to take her. So please, pray that Kim can go soon, in peace. I know it's hard, because we love her presence here, but believe me - when it gets to the 4 word robot commands - we might all be better served to let her move on so that she can later talk to us in complete sentences.]


Hay Dub said...

Thank you for sharing. I was so touched by Kim and the great advise she had for me. She has always had such great adavise and I will cherish it always. We love you Kim! You and your family are in our prayers. Hey and say Hi to my dad and give him a great big hug for me! Love you.

Ryan W said...

We love you an awful lot Chip! You have shaped my life from the first threat of the wood chipper and will continue to do so for years to come. God Bless you and keep you forever.

Jana said...

I am so sorry for the anguish that you and your family have gone through. Please know of our prayers for the whole Madsen family. I will always remember you for the brilliant sunshine of a personality that you radiated around yourself...It was always a joy to talk to you....always upbeat...thanks for touching my families' lives.

Apple said...

Whenever I think of Kim, I remember taking aerobics from her at 12, over at Towne & Country, and I remember one dance step she taught us I never could get the hang of being recited over and over and shown over and over, and how I never did get it. "Apart knee kick knee apart knee kick knee apart knee..."

I'm so sorry to discover, through the power of the internet, what's become of one of the most fun ladies I've known, and I hope that her passing is eased by her angels and whoever/whatever else is over there on that other side.

Tell her Eibhlin's daughter The Younger says hello (say that jumble of letters there like Eileen), if she is still with us. If not, I'll say hello to her myself down the road.