Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hello all, this is Josh writing on behalf of Kim.

I wish I could say we had something hopeful and happy to write but unfortunately it is the opposite.

Tuesday Kim was admitted into Huntsman again for pain in her abdomen. After a CT scan it was seen that tumors had formed blocking sections of her small intestines, kidneys, and urinary tract, with other tumors forming. The teams of doctors have determined that the course of action to be had at this point is pain management. The doctors have said that we are looking at weeks of life left, and at the most a month or two.

We don't know when we will get to bring her home, but until kim has strength and desire to post again we are notifying her readers to log into Josh and Elena's blog for updates.

Thank you for your prayers, your hopes, and your kindness.


Bianca said...

we love and miss you, aunt kim. we are praying for you and your sweet family. love to all.

Emilie said...

Kim, I love you dearly. Prayers of strength and comfort coming your way.

Dinee said...


We love you and are continually praying for you!!!! Chrissy called me tonight and said you're doing amazingly well. You have taught all of us to never give up and keep going with a smile. Thanks for your amazing example!!!

Hay Dub said...

We love you so much! Thanks for the wonderful example you have shown me in my life! Thanks for your wonderful children. Your legacy lives on and I am so proud to know you. My mom wants you to know how much she cares about you, how much your friendship means to her. She loves you dearly, as we all do.
Haylee and Nancee

Emily said...


We do love you, and will keep you in our prayers. You are an amazing person who has touched the lives of all those around you. I too am proud that I know you.

Much love,

Emily Wall

Anonymous said...

Kim, I will love you forever.
Thanks my sister, for being there for us, in good times and hard times and for loving unconditionally.
You are one awsome lady.
I love you.

Jana said...

I am so sorry for all the grief you all are going through,Josh. May you know of our prayers for all of you. Give your mom my love. I got to visit with your mom and dad after the wedding of Natalie at the Bountiful temple...It was great to see them again. That was in July. Much love, Jana Willes