Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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I'm supposed to tell you seven weird facts about myself. I think everyone I know has been tagged by this, so I won't tag anyone new...but here are my 7 weirdnesses:
  1. I read two or three books at the same time. This is because I usually don't put them down in places easy to find again, and while looking for it, I run across another one I put down before. Right now I am reading Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, A New Earth, and a replica copy of the Book of Mormon in first edition format, more like a novel. I thought that might be interesting and shed new light on it to read it as a "story".
  2. I have 17 years worth of Primary music visual aids stored in the closet. This plus what I leave at the church. It's rather a sickness. I never chuck anything as I might need it again or need to repurpose it.
  3. David and I switch sides of the bed we sleep on a couple of times a year. I'd like to say this is in lieu of flipping the mattress, but really it totally depends on which of us needs to get up more frequently in the night to pee.
  4. I have the same amount of Primary visual aids stored digitally in my computer. I also have tons of links to blogs, websites and more that I steal ideas from. I'm not as creative as I am a good copy-cat.
  5. I am teaching the Primary kids a song to sing at my funeral. Might seem a little odd, I know, but it comforts me, and I think gives them a chance to process watching Sister Madsen battle cancer.
  6. I own 30 hats and 25 scarves. If you need any hat for any occasion, come check my supply. They are not in use right now, as I have my hair during this chemo, but their waiting in case they are needed again.
  7. I have 30 hanging baskets of flowers in my yard. I also have 25 different types of rose bushes ( does there seem to be a pattern to these numbers? I actually counted the hats, scarves, baskets and roses...) and too many perennials to count. Yes, my gardening is an obsession out of control as well.

You know, I just realized why Paula gave me a pillow that reads "too much of a good thing is wonderful..." (Mae West)


Gale and Lynnett said...

Thank's ,that made me smile.:) You'r WONDERFUL! Love you

Hay Dub said...

Oh I love it! This post was so fun! The switching places in bed is funny, and three books at the same time! You are talented. Ok so guess what! I was just called at primary music leader in my ward. ha. I know funny, since I dont even know how to lead music and Brett has been trying to teach me. SO anyway... can I come and check out your closet so I can be a copycat. I was really confused when they called me. They told me they didn't care that I was musically challendge, they just wanted someone who was spunky. lol. Any help you could send my way is most appreciated. I would love to know about the websites too. Thanks! Haylee