Thursday, August 21, 2008

Many Thanks!

A week ago Dave threw me a Big Birthday Bash to celebrate that I was still here on my 5oth birthday. I just wanted to say thanks to all my friends, family, neighbors and loved ones who came to celebrate with me. You were all so kind to remember me and help make it a true celebration. I had a great time. The food was good, the music was excellent (Fret, Fiddle and Fife--hire them if you are doing a party, a wedding, any occasion needing good me, I'll give you their contact information), and the company was superb, to say the least. I'm still getting my self organized enough to write thank you notes for all the fun remembrances and gifts people left for me.

Update in Cancer World: I couldn't have chemo this week because my blood counts had all reached critical lows--meaning my white blood cells, my red blood cells, my platelets, my hematocrit..all that stuff. I have to sit around and let my body build itself back up...which means I get two weeks in a row off. I look at it as a vacation of sorts! I have a CT scan in a couple of weeks and then we'll know what the tumors are doing in there.
I read a book by Rachel Remen called KITCHEN TABLE WISDOM. In it she said "a diagnosis is just an opinion, not a prediction." I like that. I remain open to the mystery of life and the possibility of me winning the battle against cancer. Stay tuned.

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Bianca said...

You guys sure know how to throw a party!! I'm sorry that we came so late and couldn't stay long.

I hope you do something absolutely wonderful on your "vacation"!!