Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Succulent Wild Women

The day before my birthday, August 13th, a group of my craziest friends gathered to usher my birthday in...in our birthday suits. We figured the occasion of my 50th birthday was ripe for a Succulent Wild Woman moment, so we gathered just before midnight and had a skinny dipping party...or should I say a Chunky Dunking party.

There they are...the accused crazies. It wasn't easy to keep this group quiet enough not to wake the neighbors at midnight, but we did it. Probably the most memorable moment of my birthday! Thanks, you guys for being succulent!


April said...

Hey I totally would have been all over that! I want to be one of your crazy friends too!

Kim Madsen said...

I'm so sorry! I should have called you. We will definitely have a makeup swim sometime...but I'm afraid the window for warm enough nights has passed.