Thursday, August 07, 2008


My doctor called last night to tell me my CA-125 counts have dropped to 32--that's in the normal range. We are very jazzed about this news. It doesn't mean I can stop chemo (yuck and boo hoo), but it does mean the chemo is working to hold The Beast at bay. I'm a happy girl.

And speaking of happy...

next Thursday, August 14th, I will turn FIFTY. The big 5-0. Some might find this a depressing time, but I'm so glad to have made it to 50. Last October they told me six months. I'm on nine months now, and grateful for every day the Lord sends me. So...come and celebrate with us. Dave is throwing me a Birthday Bash. Wear your Red Hats. Join us on August 14th from 6:00 to 9:30 pm (an open house style so you can come and go if need be). I'm inviting everyone in the world who thinks they'd like to be there. If you want, bring some favorite goodie to share, but it's not necessary. Just come and say HI and celebrate! I'm still alive and kicking!

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April said...

That is just too cool! It makes us all happy!